Not that which you, however, Everyone loves the great therefore the bad”)

From the 2nd stage, all the 308 messages, like the sixty messages analyzed from the initial phase, have been coded toward all of the has defined on codebook, where 7 were coded yourself and you will 7 instantly. For the by hand-coded possess, two judges who were blind for the character text message originality rating coded a random subset out of texts (letter = 30). We used the Kappa figure to estimate brand new intercoder accuracy and you will made use of the benchmark out of Landis and you will Koch to determine fuel of contract. You to coder next went on so you’re able to actually code the remainder pages. Guidelines coding occurred for the one or two levels: profile position is actually coded into the number undersöka den här länken nu of the new character text message, however, because numerous stylistic and you may mind-revelation has actually could happen within a book–plus one sentence–these features was indeed coded during the term height. A condition are recognized as the smallest tool within the a phrase that has been interpretable on its own. Components of enumerations and you can elliptical phrases (e.g., “philosopher, adventurous”, “no practical child”) was in fact thought to be separate conditions. Profile messages consisted typically off seven.step three clauses (SD = 5.9). Conditions which were (section of) quotations out of someone else (n = sixteen messages having (only) citations) just weren’t coded toward stylistic and you can thinking-revelation has (age.g., John Weir’s estimate “Love me I actually do. To have automatic programming, we made use of the Linguistic Query and Phrase Matter program (LIWC) and T-Examine, a credit card applicatoin equipment to possess taking a look at Dutch texts .

To accomplish this, i adopted the fresh new category design from Altman and you may Taylor adapted of the Sharabi and you may associates to have relationship contexts

Stylistic keeps. Of one’s five stylistic possess, two were manually coded: exposure from (1) repaired (e.g., “You will find living back on track”) and (2) book metaphors (elizabeth.g., “Selecting a don Juan who can build myself weak from the the new legs”) (?’s out of .80 and you can .87, respectively). Repaired and you may unique metaphors had been integrated while the a digital changeable (0 = absent, 1 = present) given that seemingly short profiles resulted in little version on amount of incidents. Dimensions of adjectives, adverbs, and reduced-constant terminology have been automatically coded, having reasonable-repeated words defined as the newest proportion out-of terminology not section of the brand new 20,100000 most typical words of one’s Dutch, produced from the SoNaR corpus . Once the TF-IDF get indicators type from the terms utilized in a text as compared to most other texts, TF-IDF get was also taken into consideration while the a great stylistic ability.

Self-revelation features. Around three of your half dozen mind-revelation have was in fact coded manually. For each and every term in which a visibility holder suggests personal data are coded given that a home-disclosing term, and every worry about-disclosure clause was yourself coded on about three enjoys. Basic, within one term, the quantity of notice-disclosing phrases was basically measured, and this involved only facts about this new reputation proprietor him- otherwise herself (elizabeth.grams., underlined terms and conditions indicate new four self-exposing comments within the “I’m a devoted 50-year-old kid with a high spontaneity ”) rather than the sort of matchmaking (partner) the new character owner was looking for (elizabeth.g., “My personal coming lover is going to be funny and you will smart”).

Home-generated sushi is my expertise”, and this subsequent specifies the information disclosed concerning character customer’s like to cook

Second, the fresh new closeness of your own self-unveiled pointers is actually coded (? = .76). Each thinking-disclosure term are coded given that that features sometimes biographical (lower intimate; e.g., title, age), evaluative (medium sexual; age.grams., personality traits, hobbies), or normative/moral information that is personal (highest intimate; e.g., norms and you can opinions, confessions). The worry about-exposing comments and you may intimacy score (step 1, 2, 3) when you look at the worry about-exposing conditions from a book were summed so you’re able to assess the complete amount of notice-exposing comments additionally the total intimacy get of a book.

The next element in this class was the new concreteness off care about-shared suggestions (? = .81). To-be recognized as real, advice in the a visibility is stimulate obvious pictures. Including, by detailing an assignable location (elizabeth.g., “A journey all over Australian continent is on my personal container list”), device (e.grams., “My favorite publication is Harry Potter”), craft (“I love hill biking in order to Nordic strolling”), several months or time (age.g., “I’d separated inside 1999”). This might as well as cover suggestions you to definitely specifies pointers various other (generic) self-disclosing clauses, for instance the second term with the sushi in the “Everyone loves cooking. Concreteness are sooner or later integrated while the a binary adjustable (missing otherwise establish) by the reasonable amount of incidents within texts.

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